Betty Woolfolk

“Half the fun of creating art using recycled materials is the ‘hunting and gathering period," says Betty Woolfolk. When she was a child she would go with her father to his manufacturing plant and pick up small pieces of metal that were left on the ground from the large fabrication machines. She was on a treasure hunt, and that tradition continues today. However, the hunting grounds have expanded to flea markets and garage sales where ‘cultural cast-offs’ can be reborn into mixed media sculpture that comment on all phases of modern life. How science and technology affect our daily lives has been a consistent theme in her work as she continually celebrates the juxtaposition of man and nature. On the outside, her art pieces appear to be light-hearted, but there is always a deeper message within. She non-judgmentally points out inconsistencies in the viewer’s thinking, such as the Running Fence being constructed out of a synthetic man-made fabric and then installed in a natural setting.

A mixed media artist and master of assemblage art, Woolfolk is executive director of Gallery Route One in Point Reyes, California. She earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and her work has been exhibited at venues in Northern Ireland, San Rafael, Eureka and Bolinas, California in addition to her own gallery. Her focus on the use of recycled materials into something unique and creative makes her a perfect fit as an artist for RunningFence-recycled, LLC.









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