Cheryl Smith

“The Running Fence was an awesome flow of fabric, reaching out for people to come together to view it,” says Cheryl Smith, “and a vivid reminder that there is peace within us if we just interweave ourselves together and complete the long journey that life gives us. Together we can survive, but as a single thread we do not have the strength to hold together.”

Smith has had a diversified career in art for over twenty-five years. She studied various art forms at Chabot College and California State University in Hayward, California and her work varies from paintings in oils, water colors and mixed mediums of quash and ink and charcoal to pottery, fabric art and murals. Her custom murals grace many private residences in La Mesa, El Cajon and Rancho San Diego, California, in addition to restaurants and major churches across Southern California and the San Francisco Bay area.

Cheryl enjoys sharing her expertise with budding young artists, and was the art teacher at Fremont Christian School in Fremont, California for three years. Her work has also been exhibited at Chabot College, the Association of Christian Schools Incorporated art fair, and her entry for the combined fabric media category earned her an award at the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, California.









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