Joyce Goode

“To have the same medium in my hand that Christo had in his hands is a real treasure," says Joyce Goode. "I feel like at this stage in my art I am up to the task." Joyce Goode is a contemporary art quilter who improvises fabrics with dyes, paints, silkscreening and monoprinting.

Goode graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology where she studied graphic design. She is President of the San Francisco Quilter's Guild and is on the board of the Textile Arts Council of San Francisco. Her work has been exhibited in several venues including the California Artists show at the 2nd City Council in Long Beach, The Harvest Festival, Two Woman Show by the Zeno Group, the Marin Society of Artists National Exhibit, the East Bay Heritage Quilters Show and in the San Francisco Quilt Guild Show.

Goode's art quilts also interpret traditional quilt patterns. She seeks to understand these 'tried and true' patterns, break them apart and then reassemble them in a way that makes a new composition.

Her work is abstract but every cut is deliberate and every artistic decision intentional. Color, texture and fiber have been her lifelong loves, but she also incorporates light, sand, leaves, stones and other objects in her quilted wall hangings. She is excited by taking a piece of fabric, seeing what it suggests to her, and then developing it with paint, printing, other fabrics and stitching. The result is a unique expression of her personality, and she feels a sense of connection with people who have seen her work.





Running Clouds


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